Thursday, 25 April 2013 20:24

How long does the process take?

Unless you choose to expedite, it takes approximately 4 weeks to incorporate. Additionally, the IRS takes approximately 6-9 months to be examine and approve a 501(c)(3) application. Keep in mind that each 501(c)(3) application is RANDOMLY ASSIGNED to an IRS agent for examination. Each IRS agent has their own distinct work load and ability to fully review and approve an application. Thus, there is no way to know with exact precision the precise time that it will take to approve an application. As a result of this, we HIGHLY SUGGEST that you immediately incorporate in order to expedite this process. In the interim, as we are finishing your incorporation documents, because of the time lag, you may provide us with any remaining pieces of information that we may need to complete your 501(c)(3) application including, but not limited to, selection of your board members, preparation of your financial budget and further refinement of your activities and programs.

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